Wednesday, 15 March 2017

What is wrong with Medical Insurance & associate Hospitals & Doctors?

After paying high premium from every pay checks, is still not enough for them. So many terms and condition from insurance, this is covered, this is not covered etc. what is this? Are these terms & condition worth after paying $400+ from every paychecks ($800 a month), $9600+ a year, Is this not enough for them? Surely not, you keeps getting extra bills from doctors/hospitals (not covered by Insurance).

Insurance saying I am covering many things free, is that true? like:
  • Aetna – N-number of times a year, preventive visit, fully covered
  • VSP- Computer Eye Exam and Eye wear fully covered

Is this addition made to just sell their products and nice justification to increase premium amount?

How funny is this about Insurance extra benefits?
  • If you go to doctor second times in a year for preventive visit they don’t accept and simply reply we don’t do preventive exam twice in a year. What is the point of Aetna providing this addition?
  • If I go to VSP approved eye clinic to set up “Computer Eye Exam”, Clinic representative surprised and replied what is this, I never heard this exam before, or we don’t do this types of eye exam in our clinic. Again then why this is listed in VSP? Who is making fool, Clinic or Insurance?
How funny about preventive visit?
  • In preventive visit doctor check your pulse, blood pressure, ear check, weight that’s all and send you to lap for blood test (which is not covered by Insurance).
  • In this visit, doctor normally ask, do you have any issues/problem? If you said no, then only it’s called Preventive visit but if you said yes, and he has to prescribe you a medicine then it will convert to official visit. What is the point of asking any issues/problem by the doctor in preventive visit?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Be aware of ‘Kohls Cash’, Everyone has to understand before shopping in Kohls.

I understand Kohls Cash concept after I lost more than $5000 in Kohls. ‘Kohls Cash’ get benefited Only, if you don’t return anything at all, in any case, even items are damaged or defective. If you do, you will have to pay back for Kohls Cash from your pocket.

Actually it is not the rewards, it is indirect way to force you for following things
  1. Returns within a week, before spending Kohls Cash.
  2. Do another shopping within a week with original price by Kohls Cash, no discount apply.
  3. Pay back for the Kohls Cash you earned.
  4. Once you spend Kohls Cash, No return possible, after that, you have to pay from your packet.
Everyone has to understand this policy just maid for Kohls benefit not for Customer benefit. Be aware and try to understand from below flow

Monday, 25 April 2016

After Marriage: Is True or just Joke?

Man and Doctor conversation
Man     : Doctor, I love to live long !, do you have some medicine for this?
Doctor : Oh yes, why not, do one thing get marriage as soon as possible.
Man     : Rally, will I live long, after marriage?
Doctor : No, you will NOT love to live long !.

Friends conversation 
First Friend    : Yaar, I feel hurt when someone not talking to me respectfully, I believe everyone should respect each others.
Second Friend: Yes, very True.
First Friend    :  Do you know, how we can make sure no one hurt  and do respect always?
Second Friend: Only one solution
First Friend    : What that?
Second Friend: Get Marriage, as soon as possible.
First Friend    : What?? do you know what you are telling?
Second Friend: Yes I know and I am sure ....
First Friend    : Sure .. What? ,  So you mean, I will be more respectful person, after marriage?
Second Friend: No, Yaar, you will be used to get insulted all the times.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Is it really worth to pay high for Popcorn inside theater?

I have seen in almost everywhere the tradition for selling popcorn inside the movies hall. The rate of Popcorn are more than the amount you paid for your movie ticket. Also there are no other option left for you, either buy there high rated available stuff or nothing.

I know lots of people buy the Popcorn and Cold drink pack just to show off, nothing else. Personally they don’t like; but still they buy because they came with friends or family; if they don’t buy these things does not looks good to them and direct effect to your status; but if they buy, it indicate that you always eat good, healthy and expensive food and give impression to other that you are super Rich and Gentleman.

But I have seen, so many people; after done with movies, they go to some other place to eat freely with their own choice of snacks and feel better. It’s all about the status.

The same Popcorn cost is $1-$2 and inside theater campus the cost is $10-$15; I agree they are trying to give us best service while you are inside the theater; but 10 time more!! Is it really worth? Think …

Is this use of Facebook?

  • When you wake up first in the morning very first task to check the Facebook status without care about others necessary things.
  • Put your events photos into the Facebook and based on how many likes or Dislikes, react happy if more likes, sad if no one likes, mad if some one dislike.
  • Wish someone only in Facebook who is living with you. Birthday wish to your Spouse, Give Rose to your spouse and post photo and wait for others to comments. others comments are more important than spouse. 
  • Put your all step by step, minute by minute, day by day photos in Facebook.
  • I have even seen people are putting something which is too silly like they cut their nails, they cleaned their ears, they cooked something etc.
  • I am totally agreed if you are sharing all these things with someone one to one, that makes sense, but sharing all these things in public and waiting for their comments. nonsense.
  • People mood change based on people responded on their comments on photos, messages, wishes, and like-dislike.
  • It's your Birthday or Marriage Anniversary, now you are not celebrating with someone who is living with you, you are waiting for people to wish in the Facebook, and then you will start your day.
  • Your Spouse or Father, who is living with you, don’t know where you are going and where you are, because you don’t have time to update them, but your Facebook status is up to date with pictures where you going and where you are at this moment.
  • After many days you went to restaurant with your husband or boyfriend, instead of talking each other both are busy with checking the status and uploading pictures/selfie into the Facebook so all your friends knows that you went to XYZ restaurant with my hubby/boy friend (upload Selfie) and eating Pizza (upload Picture).
  • The first day of New Year when you woke up, pick up your phone/iPad and start posting New Year wishes to all, post photos and response on posting; busy all morning; everyone thinking wow they are celebrating new year like no one else. But the reality is no one even wish each other at home. That the fact for most of the Facebook users.
Above are my personal experience, do not have intention to hurt anyone emotion.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Can we save electricity in winter in Minnesota, USA?

Currently I am living in one of the coldest place in USA known as Saint Paul – Minneapolis, Minnesota. here winter start from October and end on April, December and January is real peak time of the winter.Temperature starts from 0 C Degree Centigrade and goes up to -30 C Degree Centigrade. This time it is almost impossible to walk outside or stand outside for more than a minute.

While spending time in winter, I feel we could easily save electricity which is uses for refrigerator in every home. I have not gone of all pros and cons but I am sure it will diffidently work positively.

Make refrigerator size plastic storage having multiple divider like refrigerator and keep outside of your house. This storage will work like refrigerator freezer in whole winter without using any electricity and you can simply switch off your refrigerator for 4 -5 months (Oct to Feb)

Just amazing if this executed successfully then how much electricity can be saved in 4-5 months, that can be compensate with electricity used by heater during winter months.

This city covers with full of snow and look awesome, sharing few pictures

Is this called MD experienced doctor’s?

The patient come to him with serious pain, he even not able to sit properly, Now MD doctor just started doing so many test and one test come negative then he guess another and then another, after all tests result negative, he simply saying to patient you are fine, you do not have nothing, go home and take rest, you will be fine automatically. I cannot write you any medicine.

Now the patient are suffering a lot and his pain is getting worst, doctor did not left any option for patient accept to go to urgent care. He simply said, I did all the test what I can do. if you are still not believe me I can recommend you to emergency.  

If doctors are not able to use their experience and just depend on test result then what is the point of calling MD experienced doctor.

There are so many medical shop assistant, Medical representatives, if you go and tell them the test result then can tell you the same medicine which MD doctors will prescribe.

After few years I myself know so many medicine and their uses. Today In this world there are so many places where such kinds of doctors present who can just touch your hand and find the problem immediately. In my perspective those are called experienced doctors.

Now a days this profession become a big business, where doctors, insurance companies, Pharmaceuticals are the big business factory and patients are the source.

If not, then why doctors’ fees are so high, why medical Insurance are compulsory, why customer have to depend on doctor’s prescription for buying any medicine from store and why urgent care/emergency not have normal fees structures.