Sunday, 4 December 2016

Be aware of ‘Kohls Cash’, Everyone has to understand before shopping in Kohls.

I understand Kohls Cash concept after I lost more than $5000 in Kohls. ‘Kohls Cash’ get benefited Only, if you don’t return anything at all, in any case, even items are damaged or defective. If you do, you will have to pay back for Kohls Cash from your pocket.

Actually it is not the rewards, it is indirect way to force you for following things
  1. Returns within a week, before spending Kohls Cash.
  2. Do another shopping within a week with original price by Kohls Cash, no discount apply.
  3. Pay back for the Kohls Cash you earned.
  4. Once you spend Kohls Cash, No return possible, after that, you have to pay from your packet.
Everyone has to understand this policy just maid for Kohls benefit not for Customer benefit. Be aware and try to understand from below flow

Monday, 25 April 2016

After Marriage: Is True or just Joke?

Man and Doctor conversation
Man     : Doctor, I love to live long !, do you have some medicine for this?
Doctor : Oh yes, why not, do one thing get marriage as soon as possible.
Man     : Rally, will I live long, after marriage?
Doctor : No, you will NOT love to live long !.

Friends conversation 
First Friend    : Yaar, I feel hurt when someone not talking to me respectfully, I believe everyone should respect each others.
Second Friend: Yes, very True.
First Friend    :  Do you know, how we can make sure no one hurt  and do respect always?
Second Friend: Only one solution
First Friend    : What that?
Second Friend: Get Marriage, as soon as possible.
First Friend    : What?? do you know what you are telling?
Second Friend: Yes I know and I am sure ....
First Friend    : Sure .. What? ,  So you mean, I will be more respectful person, after marriage?
Second Friend: No, Yaar, you will be used to get insulted all the times.