Wednesday, 15 March 2017

What is wrong with Medical Insurance & associate Hospitals & Doctors?

After paying high premium from every pay checks, is still not enough for them. So many terms and condition from insurance, this is covered, this is not covered etc. what is this? Are these terms & condition worth after paying $400+ from every paychecks ($800 a month), $9600+ a year, Is this not enough for them? Surely not, you keeps getting extra bills from doctors/hospitals (not covered by Insurance).

Insurance saying I am covering many things free, is that true? like:
  • Aetna – N-number of times a year, preventive visit, fully covered
  • VSP- Computer Eye Exam and Eye wear fully covered

Is this addition made to just sell their products and nice justification to increase premium amount?

How funny is this about Insurance extra benefits?
  • If you go to doctor second times in a year for preventive visit they don’t accept and simply reply we don’t do preventive exam twice in a year. What is the point of Aetna providing this addition?
  • If I go to VSP approved eye clinic to set up “Computer Eye Exam”, Clinic representative surprised and replied what is this, I never heard this exam before, or we don’t do this types of eye exam in our clinic. Again then why this is listed in VSP? Who is making fool, Clinic or Insurance?
How funny about preventive visit?
  • In preventive visit doctor check your pulse, blood pressure, ear check, weight that’s all and send you to lap for blood test (which is not covered by Insurance).
  • In this visit, doctor normally ask, do you have any issues/problem? If you said no, then only it’s called Preventive visit but if you said yes, and he has to prescribe you a medicine then it will convert to official visit. What is the point of asking any issues/problem by the doctor in preventive visit?