Monday, 25 April 2016

After Marriage: Is True or just Joke?

Man and Doctor conversation
Man     : Doctor, I love to live long !, do you have some medicine for this?
Doctor : Oh yes, why not, do one thing get marriage as soon as possible.
Man     : Rally, will I live long, after marriage?
Doctor : No, you will NOT love to live long !.

Friends conversation 
First Friend    : Yaar, I feel hurt when someone not talking to me respectfully, I believe everyone should respect each others.
Second Friend: Yes, very True.
First Friend    :  Do you know, how we can make sure no one hurt  and do respect always?
Second Friend: Only one solution
First Friend    : What that?
Second Friend: Get Marriage, as soon as possible.
First Friend    : What?? do you know what you are telling?
Second Friend: Yes I know and I am sure ....
First Friend    : Sure .. What? ,  So you mean, I will be more respectful person, after marriage?
Second Friend: No, Yaar, you will be used to get insulted all the times.

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