Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Is it really worth to pay high for Popcorn inside theater?

I have seen in almost everywhere the tradition for selling popcorn inside the movies hall. The rate of Popcorn are more than the amount you paid for your movie ticket. Also there are no other option left for you, either buy there high rated available stuff or nothing.

I know lots of people buy the Popcorn and Cold drink pack just to show off, nothing else. Personally they don’t like; but still they buy because they came with friends or family; if they don’t buy these things does not looks good to them and direct effect to your status; but if they buy, it indicate that you always eat good, healthy and expensive food and give impression to other that you are super Rich and Gentleman.

But I have seen, so many people; after done with movies, they go to some other place to eat freely with their own choice of snacks and feel better. It’s all about the status.

The same Popcorn cost is $1-$2 and inside theater campus the cost is $10-$15; I agree they are trying to give us best service while you are inside the theater; but 10 time more!! Is it really worth? Think …

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