Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Is this called MD experienced doctor’s?

The patient come to him with serious pain, he even not able to sit properly, Now MD doctor just started doing so many test and one test come negative then he guess another and then another, after all tests result negative, he simply saying to patient you are fine, you do not have nothing, go home and take rest, you will be fine automatically. I cannot write you any medicine.

Now the patient are suffering a lot and his pain is getting worst, doctor did not left any option for patient accept to go to urgent care. He simply said, I did all the test what I can do. if you are still not believe me I can recommend you to emergency.  

If doctors are not able to use their experience and just depend on test result then what is the point of calling MD experienced doctor.

There are so many medical shop assistant, Medical representatives, if you go and tell them the test result then can tell you the same medicine which MD doctors will prescribe.

After few years I myself know so many medicine and their uses. Today In this world there are so many places where such kinds of doctors present who can just touch your hand and find the problem immediately. In my perspective those are called experienced doctors.

Now a days this profession become a big business, where doctors, insurance companies, Pharmaceuticals are the big business factory and patients are the source.

If not, then why doctors’ fees are so high, why medical Insurance are compulsory, why customer have to depend on doctor’s prescription for buying any medicine from store and why urgent care/emergency not have normal fees structures.

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