Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Can we save electricity in winter in Minnesota, USA?

Currently I am living in one of the coldest place in USA known as Saint Paul – Minneapolis, Minnesota. here winter start from October and end on April, December and January is real peak time of the winter.Temperature starts from 0 C Degree Centigrade and goes up to -30 C Degree Centigrade. This time it is almost impossible to walk outside or stand outside for more than a minute.

While spending time in winter, I feel we could easily save electricity which is uses for refrigerator in every home. I have not gone of all pros and cons but I am sure it will diffidently work positively.

Make refrigerator size plastic storage having multiple divider like refrigerator and keep outside of your house. This storage will work like refrigerator freezer in whole winter without using any electricity and you can simply switch off your refrigerator for 4 -5 months (Oct to Feb)

Just amazing if this executed successfully then how much electricity can be saved in 4-5 months, that can be compensate with electricity used by heater during winter months.

This city covers with full of snow and look awesome, sharing few pictures

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