Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Is this use of Facebook?

  • When you wake up first in the morning very first task to check the Facebook status without care about others necessary things.
  • Put your events photos into the Facebook and based on how many likes or Dislikes, react happy if more likes, sad if no one likes, mad if some one dislike.
  • Wish someone only in Facebook who is living with you. Birthday wish to your Spouse, Give Rose to your spouse and post photo and wait for others to comments. others comments are more important than spouse. 
  • Put your all step by step, minute by minute, day by day photos in Facebook.
  • I have even seen people are putting something which is too silly like they cut their nails, they cleaned their ears, they cooked something etc.
  • I am totally agreed if you are sharing all these things with someone one to one, that makes sense, but sharing all these things in public and waiting for their comments. nonsense.
  • People mood change based on people responded on their comments on photos, messages, wishes, and like-dislike.
  • It's your Birthday or Marriage Anniversary, now you are not celebrating with someone who is living with you, you are waiting for people to wish in the Facebook, and then you will start your day.
  • Your Spouse or Father, who is living with you, don’t know where you are going and where you are, because you don’t have time to update them, but your Facebook status is up to date with pictures where you going and where you are at this moment.
  • After many days you went to restaurant with your husband or boyfriend, instead of talking each other both are busy with checking the status and uploading pictures/selfie into the Facebook so all your friends knows that you went to XYZ restaurant with my hubby/boy friend (upload Selfie) and eating Pizza (upload Picture).
  • The first day of New Year when you woke up, pick up your phone/iPad and start posting New Year wishes to all, post photos and response on posting; busy all morning; everyone thinking wow they are celebrating new year like no one else. But the reality is no one even wish each other at home. That the fact for most of the Facebook users.
Above are my personal experience, do not have intention to hurt anyone emotion.

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